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BrainGym Workshops

BrainGym 101

This is a three day workshop that introduces the basics of the BrainGym program. Experience whole brain integration through whole body movement. Learn twenty-six Brain Gym exercises, the Edu-K Balance process, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals. Applications for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals.

That’s the professional lingo. In Angie lingo, you will have an awesome three days during which time you will:

  • make some great friends,
  • get some incredibly powerful tools to take back to the classroom, your career, or your family life,
  • eat chocolate, cheese, crackers, and fruit (we always do that),
  • drink LOTS of water,
  • learn a whole lot about yourself,
  • get really stressed with the process and then get happy again when you realize it all makes sense,
  • go home very tired, yet incredibly excited and energized about the tools and techniques you learn (yes, it is possible to be exhausted and energized at the same time)

BrainGym 101 is a great opportunity for teachers, OT’s, PT’s, parents, seniors, athletes, coaches, or just about anyone to experience ways movement can improve physical and mental performance and help regulate difficult behaviors. Check out the brochure. This is a very pretty brochure, so it takes a bit to download. Click the link and chill for a bit.

Course fee: $425. Date: June 28-30, 2010 Location: Tulia, TexasDownload PDF Flyer for the June 2010 workshop.

What? You can’t get to Tulia, Texas for one of my workshops? You don’t have $425 to spend on the course? You are seriously in luck! I am itching to do some traveling to great places like yours. Contact meabout sponsoring a workshop in your area. You do a little recruiting and coordinating for me, and you get the workshop for free.

BrainGym Teacher Workshops

A BrainGym workshop gives your staff the basic nuts and bolts of BrainGym. I will present the 26 BrainGym movements along with some great ideas for using them in the classroom. Your teachers will learn how spending five minutes three times a day using BrainGym will give them back valuable instructional time in the form of focused, ready-to-learn students. We will discuss techniques, age appropriate differentiation of the movements, and specific issues facing your teachers. I will also include some very basic physiology info explaining why BrainGym is an effective tool in the classroom or athletic situation.

Teacher workshops can be tailored to meet your needs and your schedule. This is an excellent back to school inservice that is applicable to all staff members (yes, even your coaches!). With state mandated testing high on everyone’s list of concerns, this is a “must have” workshop. Ideal workshop time is 6 hours, $500 + travel expenses.  Download my letter to administrators.

BrainGym For Business

Does your organization function in a high stress environment? Maybe your team wants to set and meet some important goals. BrainGym is the perfect workshop to address the needs of your business. Give your employees an opportunity to de-stress in a “mini-retreat” atmosphere, set goals with confidence, identify and eliminate barriers to success, and learn how to minimize the stress response when dealing with customers or clients.

Business workshops can be tailored to meet your needs and your schedule.  Ideal workshop time is 6 hours, $500 + travel expenses.

Private Sessions

Would you like to experience BrainGym in a one-on-one setting? Private sessions give the you an opportunity to focus on a specific goal.  They allow for a more customized approach to meeting your the needs and may include BrainGym movements as well as more advanced techniques when appropriate. Sessions typically last 45-90 minutes. Fee: $50-$75. Download Brochure (This is a big pdf file, but it so pretty. Click the link and go get something to drink while it downloads.)

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