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BrainGym 101   

This is a three day workshop that introduces the basics of the BrainGym program. Experience whole brain integration through whole body movement. Learn twenty-six Brain Gym exercises, the Edu-K Balance process, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals. Applications for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals.   

That’s the professional lingo. In Angie lingo, you will have an awesome three days during which time you will:  

  • make some great friends,
  • get some incredibly powerful tools to take back to the classroom, your career, or your family life,
  • eat chocolate, cheese, crackers, and fruit (we always do that),
  • drink LOTS of water,
  • learn a whole lot about yourself,
  • get really stressed with the process and then get happy again when you realize it all makes sense,
  • go home very tired, yet incredibly excited and energized about the tools and techniques you learn (yes, it is possible to be exhausted and energized at the same time)

BrainGym 101 is a great opportunity for teachers, OT’s, PT’s, parents, seniors, athletes, coaches, or just about anyone to experience ways movement can improve physical and mental performance and help regulate difficult behaviors. Check out the brochure. This is a very pretty brochure, so it takes a bit to download. Click the link and chill for a bit.   

Course fee: $425. Date: June 28-30, 2010 Location: Tulia, Texas Download PDF Flyer for the June 2010 workshop.  

What? You can’t get to Tulia, Texas for one of my workshops? You don’t have $425 to spend on the course? You are seriously in luck! I am itching to do some traveling to great places like yours. Contact me about sponsoring a workshop in your area. You do a little recruiting and coordinating for me, and you get the workshop for free.  


The Energy of the Classroom

Every teacher has experienced it: It’s that day when everyone seems to be “out of whack”. The kids are hyped. The teachers are stressing. Chaos reigns. We blame moon phases, weather, holidays, sugar, parenting, and more.

What if you had the power to shift those “out-of-whack” days back to a place where students and teachers are calm, focused, and productive? What if you could create a climate where excuses for behavior are unnecessary? What if you could learn to recognize “it” and intervene before “it” takes you and your entire class over the cliff’s edge into chaos? What if you could empower your students to create an energetic space that supports learning? Now you can. 

Course fee: $50 Date: July 21st, 2010 Location: Tulia, Texas Download PDF Flyer for the July 2010 workshop.


Re-Wired for Winning Coaches Workshop   

Every coach faces the challenge of getting a team synchronized and switched on for the big game. Every coach has also experienced the pain of watching a group of talented young players fall apart. What is it that allows the underdog to dominate while the most talented sometimes crater under the pressure? It’s all about the energy of the team.

Learn how one switched off player (or coach) can impact the entire team and what you can do to help switch things back on. Learn how to discover who is switched off. Find out how spending five minutes a day of your practice time can give you much more than that in focused, productive practices and a winning edge.

 This workshop is appropriate for any type of coach. If you are working with students who must perform in any type of competition, this workshop is for you.

Course fee: $75. Date: July 27th, 2010 Location: Tulia, Texas Download PDF Flyer  for the July 2010 workshop.  


Onsite Team Building Clinic

I teach performers (athletes, musicians, actors, presenters, teachers, etc.) how to produce the very best within themselves even under the most stressful of circumstances. Where teamwork is critical, I provide activities that enable group awareness and synchronicity.

Every coach has experienced what it is like to look at their team on game/performance day or at the beginning of a practice and sense how things will turn out. I will give you and your team tools which can increase intensity and effectiveness when focused and ready to play, or positively shift the energy and focus of a team that seems to be out of sync and lacking emotional readiness to face an opponent.I will provide three sessions of instruction and guided practice for your team focusing on coordinated group rhythm, auditory and visual awareness, visual tracking, and midline movements.

Your team will learn how the energy dynamics of one player may have an effect on the performance abilities of the rest of the team members and how simple movements can shift those energies towards a more positive performance outcome.

Download PDF Flyer for the Onsite Team Building Clinic.

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