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Massage Therapy

I am passionate about natural and alternative health and wellness. In the fall of 2008, I had a wild idea to go to massage therapy school. I figured what better way to enjoy my passion and calling than through a form of healing touch.  One year later, I completed my basic massage therapy training, passed my licensure exam, and I was granted permission from the state of Texas to begin my practice.

Massage therapy has been shown through research to improve physical well being. I bring tons of practical and experiential information about the physical body into my therapy sessions, and as an endless pursuer of knowledge, I am continuing my education in specialized bodywork areas to make your experience a superior one.

If bargain hunting is your game, be sure to check out our multi-massage deals on the Massage Specials page. I’ve got some terrific discounts for purchasing several massages at once.

Superior Performance Wellness Center is located in Tulia, Texas at 330 North Fannin Street just east of the football stadium at the intersection of Fannin and Hornet Place/NE 4th St. The “almost country” location provides a relaxing atmostphere that speaks of healing and restoration from the moment you set foot on site. Our rennovation of a classic two bedroom cottage continues and clients will have the opportunity to watch the restorative healing experience of Superior Performance Wellness Center while experiencing their own physical transformation toward wellness.

Map of Tulia showing location of Superior Performance Wellness Center

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