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Princess Dreams and the Battle of the Mind

April 13, 2010

There’s a battle going on in the minds of most people. Heck, it’s more like a full-scale war being waged. On one side stand the dreams of a million princesses. Dreams of success. Dreams of lights and glamour. Dreams of Prince Charming. Dreams of vacation homes in the Bahamas or Hawaii (or India and Thailand near the tigers).

On the other side stand reality, practicality, and history. It seems as if this trio is the Goliath through which our little princess dreams must blast if they ever want to come to life.

And with any battle comes the Mediator who is trying to prevent the all out war by finding a peaceful resolution. Unfortunately for many of us, the Mediator is on the side of Goliath, negotiating to convince us that it’s okay to dream, but don’t expect those dreams to come to life. The Negotiator says things like, “Those things only happen in the movies,” and “Be practical, you’ve got bills to pay,” and “Oh get real….you don’t have THAT kind of talent.”

But what if we picked up a few rocks like David, and with our pansy little sling shot we strategically aim at that mediator, release, and knock out that negative little weasel of practicality? It’s not exactly a death blow to Goliath, but with him out of the way, we can then take aim directly at Goliath.

What if we set our sites on a dream and started taking baby steps to make it happen? We do this all the time, but we tend to do it on a scale that seems safe and possible. For some, graduating high school is as big as we can think. For others, college graduation is never in doubt. Still others are able to set their sites on becoming a doctor or lawyer or entrepreneur and never waiver from that focus.

And how sad would it be if no one had both the dream and the focus to become an actress or a singer or an artist? What a bland and dismal world this would be!

Fortunately lots of people dream just such a dream. They get together with friends who have a similar dream. They surround themselves with people who believe in them. They avoid the Negotiator at all costs. They set their sites on what is possible, what they desire, and make it known to the Universe, to their God, to the Power who promised us that if we ask believing it is already ours, it will be given.

If performing is your dream, do whatever you have to do to make it happen. Pursue it relentlessly. Visualize your success daily. Take baby steps in that direction. Take acting lessons. Take piano or guitar lessons. Take dance lessons. Take an art class. Try out for a part in a production. Grab a video camera, karaoke machine, and a sister then rock out and post it on You Tube. Just do something to make it happen. Never let practicality steal your dreams.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go register for a class. My dream awaits.

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