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A Perfect Evening Because I Said So

April 1, 2010

I am slowly figuring out that I am in complete control. I get to choose. I create the outcome. The emotion belongs only to me. I attach whichever response I desire. No one can make me do, feel, or say ANYTHING. It’s a very powerful place to be.

Along with this realization is the knowing that whatever happens is ALWAYS the best possible outcome, if I choose it to be. Recently my life has seen many opportunities to experience this concept. Yesterday was the latest in that recent string of wisdom-gaining adventures.

It had been eleven days since someone had scheduled a massage. That’s a bit unnerving for someone who has recently made the decision to leap from the security of a monthly paycheck to into a world of income determined by who-knows-what circumstances. And yet, I chose to see it as perfect knowing that when necessary, I will have exactly what I need. It was 11 days spent working on the wellness center, sprucing up the outside space, enjoy my family, resting my body, and more.

Then, within a few hours, I had three clients booked for the same evening. That’s perfect. Granted, it consumes the entire evening, and most of my energy, but oh the cash flow. Nice. A touch of panic, but still nice.

Then one client calls. Other things have come up that require her attention so she needs to reschedule. No problem. That’s life. It means that I get a delightful break between the first and third appointments. Now there will be time to transplant some of my tomato seedlings and wash the massage sheets. Sweet.

My first client arrives. She is new. I know her, but she has never really met me. Long story short, I was blessed. What a woman. What an example of taking a leap of faith because she knew it was the right thing to do. I was there to help her body heal, and yet, I think maybe she healed mine. That’s another story of its own. Because of the cancellation, I was able to spend extra time with her. Yes. I was definitely blessed.

The tomatoes beckoned. I figured out the funky transplant pots and got the little nightshades nestled in their new homes in time to deliver #2 daughter home from tennis and get back for the third scheduled massage. Preparations made. Sheets from previous massages were washed, dried, and folded. Candle lit for the expected client, and then…..nothing. She didn’t make it. I could have called her, but I didn’t. There will be another opportunity. It’s not like I turned someone down because that spot was full.  It’s not a big deal.

No, instead, I blew out the candle, locked the doors, grabbed my phone, and took off for my walk. The West Texas wind was finally calm and the evening was gorgeous. Thanks to the blessing of a missed appointment, I had the opportunity to take care of myself. I could have been upset, frustrated, annoyed, angry, resentful, etc., etc., etc. I chose none of those.

My three-massage evening after a dry spell had turned into one massage, and that one was technically a freebie given as an incentive in a previous promotion. As a result, I had a smörgåsbord of emotional responses from which to choose. I chose perfection. It feels so much better than most of the others. Had I known #3 wasn’t coming, I would have planned to work my tush off with hubby most likely. As it happened, I relaxed and took care of myself, my plants, and my space….alone….peacefully. It was a perfect way to end a Wednesday.

I came home and posted this as my Facebook status:

So awesome how even when things don’t go as planned, it’s still perfect in every way. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the sweetest lady this afternoon. She even passed along kind words from another person thoroughly making my day. I was so blessed by the things she shared.

A long lost, newly found high school classmate commented with this:

(My wife) always says “I know it’s going to be OK, even if OK doesn’t look the way I think it should look.” I like that. I like that a lot.

Me too, Eric. Me, too. My evening was perfect, not because it went the way I thought it would or should go, but rather, because I said so.

That’s powerful stuff.

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