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Drama vs. Trauma

March 27, 2009

I have often found it funny how parents of boys and parents of girls take sides on the “I’d rather raise a house full of….” issue.

If you have browsed much of this sight, you know that I have a house full of girls. They span the age ranges so that we daily experience everything from, “He is such a hottie!” to “Boys? Bleah!” to “Will trade boyfriend for good tractor” to “I’m going to become a lesbian (nun, etc.)!” Nope, dull is not a word with which our home life is familiar. Girls have their own social rules, and they change minute by minute and day by day. Drama in its various mostly benign forms reigns supreme at our house.

My massage therapy instructor, who apparently has a house full of as many boys as I have girls, has a slightly different view of the world.  At class last night, we somehow got on the topic of traumatic finger amputation and regeneration. He is apparently experienced at the emergency care of severed digits. Not something I would likely handle very well.

My comment to him was, “I’ll take drama over trauma anyday!” However, after much reflection and a few memories of our own emergency room visits, I may have gotten the short end of this deal. There was the foot cut that required stitches on number 1 daughter, the two forehead slices on daughters 2 & 3, and the submucous cleft palate surgery for daughter number 4, which wasn’t a sudden trauma, but it was traumatic nonetheless.

Maybe I should have titled this post Drama AND Trauma. I love my girls. Parenting certainly keeps life interesting.

Do you have any drama/trauma stories to share?

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